About Us

Headquartered near the nation’s capital, Lion Federal is an information technology consulting firm that provides quality software, hardware, and infrastructure resources to the U.S. government and commercial customers. Its teams anticipate customer needs through an Agile methodology with daily stand-up SCRUM meetings. Continuous delivery, combined with constant communication and great team dynamics, allows Lion Federal to provide superior solutions in short time frames.

Lion Federal is certified by the SBA as an 8(a) minority-owned business and enjoys preferred status for small contracts to the US government. Benefits include the ability to act as a “sole source” contractor for projects of up to $4M, with a simpler contracting process in a shorter amount of time.

Our Mission

At Lion Federal our mission is to be a top-tier information technology consulting firm capable of building strategic partnerships in both the government and commercial spaces. We believe that success naturally comes through integrity, work ethic, and commitment to our client’s goals.

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Lion Federal Way

Culture and Values

We at Lion Federal strive to demonstrate the highest ethical practices in the industry and look for partners with the same values. In addition to cultivating a culture that promotes these principles, we also seek to maintain a healthy work-life balance for our own employees. This promotes company loyalty, commitment to customer delivery, and a great work environment. We foster a team environment that encourages a better group dynamic between employees in order to increase communication and productivity as a group.

Quality Policy

Lion Federal is committed to fulfilling customer and other applicable requirements by continuously using innovative technology, providing our customers with excellent services, and exceeding our customer’s demands. This will be accomplished through continually improving our services and internal processes and fulfilling our Quality Objectives as defined in our Quality System.

In the Community

Lion Federal believes in supporting the local community. To this end, it is committed to partnering with FACETS (http://www.facetscares.org), a local organization that helps parents, children, and individuals who suffer the effects of poverty in Fairfax County. Lion Federal Principal, Mani Qazi, currently serves on its Board of Directors.

Lion Federal also supports the Air Force Association (https://www.afa.org/), an organization dedicated to advocating for aerospace STEM education and air force veterans.


Lion Federal is headquartered outside of Washington D.C., in the Bailey's Crossroads business district: